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  • Does Therabyte have an app that can be downloaded?

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You can run Therabyte like a native app from the chrome web browser. 


- For best compatibility, Therabyte recommends using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (on Android or PC/Mac) or Safari (on iOS)

1. Open Microsoft Edge on your mobile phone

2. Visit your clinics personal therabyte home page. Which is something like https://{yourpracticename}

3. Login - enter your login credentials

4. Save this page as a shortcut and add it to your home screen. 

On Android

Step 1/2 - find your URL Step 3 - login and select the 3 dots in the top right cornerStep 4 - choose "add to home screen"


Step 5  - Choose a title for the iconStep 6 - See the "app" on your home screen.