Questions answered in this article:

  • How can I experience the client portal?

  • Can I be a test client to see how it works from the client's perspective?

  • Why do I see all the information from my clinic account when I'm acting as a "client"?


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We find that most practitioners like to create a test client to play around with and experience the client portal. We encourage this, it is helpful for practitioners to see both ends of the workflow. 

If you try to log in as the client and the practitioner in the same browser window (from two tabs) you will encounter an error because the browser is detecting that you are logged into the same Therabyte clinic and will recognize your first login credentials.

To do this properly you will need to open two internet browser windows, you can do this in two ways. 

1. Chrome allows you to create different profiles. The browser that typically opens up is your main browser. You can then create a new persona or open a browser as a guest. 

Creating the persona will hold your settings for that persona for easy log-in, in the future. 

2. Open in an incognito browser - you can do this to create a temporary new profile that won't hold any of your default settings.