Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I add a client?

  • If the client is underage, what steps should I take?

  • How do I set up email notifications for a client?

  • How to get your clients to do the work for you!

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There are two ways you can add clients to your clinic

1. Add them yourself (see instructions below)

2. Have your clients add themselves through the self-intake - see instructions here

Adding Clients within Therabyte

  1. Go to the Client menu on the left side tab. It will then proceed to the Client’s page where the New Client button is found. 

  1. After clicking the New Client button, a modal form will appear. Personal details and Client information are required to complete the form. Keep scrolling down past the first screen. 

  1. If the Client requires a legal guardian checkbox is checked, Guardian Info needs to be filled out.

  •     If a child's birthdate indicates that they are under 16 years of age, the "client requires a legal guardian" box will be automatically checked, and guardian information required. 

  1. A valid email address is required in order to Enable Online Access and to Receive Email Notifications

  • If the client is a minor, then you will be checking the boxes giving the primary legal guardian access. 

  • If the client is an adult, then you will be giving online access to the client. 

  1. Check the corresponding checkboxes on the right side of the labels. To save the details and continue the onboarding process and adding client information to the client chart, click the Save and Continue button. (or choose to save and you can come back to this later. 

  1. Choosing Save and Continue, will proceed to another form. Under the Clinical Info, you can add Diagnosis Info, and set up days, time, and frequency of appointment Preferences. Click the Next button to proceed to the next tab. 

  1. Under the People tab, are practitioner (will auto assign the practitioner logged in that is creating the client), primary contacts, and third-party contacts for client’s therapy can be added. Click the Next button to proceed to the next tab.

  1. Under the Finances tab, contracts can be added and invoices can be set up. A client can also connect a contract to a particular funder by clicking the Add New button under the Contracts section. Click the Next button to proceed to the next tab.

  1. Under the Files tab, the client’s particular files can be added or attached before finishing the onboarding. Click the Finish button to submit and finalize the setup. 

  1. For final confirmation, a modal will appear asking to complete client onboarding. Click the Complete button to proceed. This will create the initial chart note capturing all the client data entered into the chart to date.

  1. If you have not sent the Welcome Email to your client, click Send Email(s). This will invite them to create and access their client portal. The checked person will receive emails and be granted access to view shared notes, join Telehealth sessions, open note attachments, view invoices shared.

  1. A notification will appear notifying you that the account setup email (Welcome email) has been sent.

13. The client that you added has now been onboarded and is not part of your active client list.