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  • Can I personalize an invoice?
  • In what way can I personalize the invoice?

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There are two ways you can personalize an invoice within Therabyte:

  1. Personalizing your practice details, which appear on the invoice header.
  2. Personalizing your personal profile. This appears on the invoice footer.

Personalizing the header:

  • Head over to Practice Setup > Settings. Then edit the contact information for your practice, as well as the logo.

Personalizing the footer:

  • From anywhere within Therabyte, open up your Account Settings modal: 
  • Then from the Account tab, enter your Registration/License #  and Phone #.

  • Next, from the Clinic tab, enter your Title and Discipline. Alternatively, click the Plus button to add a new discipline or department.

  • To save all changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the modal.

That's all! Your invoices will now have your practice information, as well as the information of the main provider for that session.