Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I manage an invoice?
  • Can I add a tax to an invoice?
  • How do I bill the invoice to the person who is accountable to pay the services?
  • Is it possible to have a travel fee added to the invoice?

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There are 2 ways to manage invoices. First is by checking the finances of a specific client in the client information/profile modal. The second is directly going to the Billing page where you can check multiple invoices of one client at a time.

Client Information Finances

As mentioned, you can check the invoices of a specific client by going to the Finances tab in the client information modal. To open the client information modal, click a specific user in the client list. 

In the client information modal, click the Finances tab to see the client’s finance details.

Go to the Uninvoiced area and check specific sessions that you want to invoice. Click To Invoice button to invoice selected items. If you want to invoice all items, you can click the Add all button.

After clicking the To Invoice button, a modal will appear showing the details of your invoice which are the Header, the content, and the Footer. 


The Header mostly contains the details of the client. You will also find the clinic details and invoice related dates there.

Notice the Bill To option in the header, you may choose as to who will be accountable to pay the service fees included in the invoice.

You can also input the Invoice Summary description according to your choice.

In the Invoice content, you will see the services added with their respective fees. The Fee and Quantity (QTY) are placed in an input field so that you may be able to adjust them accordingly.

In case an additional travel/mileage/other fees are needed, you may click the Add Travel/Other below to add a travel/mileage or other fees for that specific service.

You can still add other uninvoiced sessions in the invoice by clicking Add Existing button

In case you want to add Tax to the invoice, simply click the Select Tax. A modal will appear in which you can add multiple taxes to the invoice. 

You also have the option to put a comment on your invoice. To show the comment text area, simply click the + comment option.

In the Invoice Footer, you will be able to see the Provider, due date, total hours, and total due amount of the invoice. You may edit the Due by details.

Once everything is set, you may click the Save button to save the invoice.

  • Choosing "Save" will transition the invoice to the "Draft" status. Opting for "Save & Submit" will change the invoice status to "Submitted".

Billing Page

On the billing page, you will see records of Uninvoiced, Invoiced, Paid, and All tabs. Same with the finance tab in the client’s modal, you can also manage the uninvoiced sessions directly and select them for billing.

To select items, simply check a specific uninvoiced session and click the Add to Invoice button

Note: Please take note that if you have already selected an uninvoiced session of a specific client, you will no longer be able to select sessions of other clients.


Once you click the "Add to Invoice" button, you can follow the same invoicing process as you would through the Client Information - Finances tab.