Questions answered in this article:

  • How to add smart tree goals in a scheduled client event?

  • Can I add photos or comment to each goal that has been worked on for the session?

  • Can I still add or remove a goal at the end of a session?

  • How do I change the status of a goal that has been worked on?

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*Leaves & Goals are used interchangeably in this article.

*Status button, consists of the following options:

  • Mastered - The client has completed the goal

  • In Progress - The client is currently working on the goal

  • On Hold - A client goal that is put on hold

  • Not Started - A goal that has not yet been worked on

Once the goals for our clients are set up using Smart Trees, you can now add them to a client’s sessions. Adding the smart tree goals to a session allows for:

  • Reduced charting time,

  • Easily keep track of client progress and,

  • Stay goal focused and client centered. 

  1. From the My Office menu from the top left corner. Go to the Scheduler by clicking the Scheduler tab.

  1. Click the Client event on the calendar and the 3-step scheduler box will appear on the right. It will open up to the plan step.

  1. Click on the Select Leaves button seen below the Session Plan. This is where we can add goals/leaves for the client’s session.

  1. The Tree Selection Modal will open. Choose a tree from the list to view all the branches within that tree.

  1. Click the left Arrow button of a branch to open it up and view the leaves for adding.

  1. Select leaves to be added to a session by clicking the Plus button. This is located beside the comment button for each leaf.

  1. To Add Leaves from multiple trees, select add more (bottom left) or the back arrow (top left) corner of the modal. This will bring you back to the list of trees to select from another one. Repeat steps 4-7 until you are done selecting goals.

  1. When you have finished selecting leaves for your session, click the Confirm button in the bottom right corner. You will notice that there is a number on the button. This is the number of leaves/goals that you have selected for this session. 

  1. Back at the plan step of the scheduler, the leaves selected will appear showing the status of each goal. The branch  icon to the left upper corner indicates the start of a new branch.

  1. To remove leaves once added, click on the button beside each leaf on the far right side.

Recording the Outcome(s) of your Session

1. From the outcome step of the scheduler, you can record the comments and status of each leaf. Comment by clicking the Comment bubble beside the status button in order for the Smart Tree data Modal to appear.

2. From the Smart Tree data Modal, click the Add Comment button for each leaf to record comments.

3. From the comment box, you can add images, lists and tables. Use the text editor for features such as bolditalic, and underline

4. Notice the goals marked as “Not Started” will update to “in progress” by adding a comment to a goal with this status. This will be automatically updated and displayed when you return to the scheduled event in the calendar.

5. To return to the scheduler and close the smart trees data modal, click the Save Button.

6. Notice the
 Blue Dot seen on the comment button, this indicates that this leaf has a comment made on it during this session. An absence of the blue dot means you have not commented on this leaf/goal.

7. To view all comments made during the session, click the Comments check box and they will appear below each leaf with comments added. 

8. To change the status of your client goals based on performance during the session, select the Status Button to choose from either Mastered, In Progress, On Hold, and Not Started.

9. To delete goals that we’re not used at the end of the session, click the 3 Vertical Dots beside the comment button. Select Remove from the dropdown list.

10. To add more leaves during the session, click the Select Leaves button again to find the goals you want to add and follow steps 4-6 above.

11. Now that you have added and comment on the goals for the session. Scroll down to the Narrative Box and use the settings to adjust as needed and add in any additional remarks and/or notes for the session to compliment the comments recorded directly on the goals. 

12. Once everything is finalized, click the Sign Icon or the Save Check at the top to save and close this session event.


Happy goal setting!!