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  • How can I create a tax report within Therabyte?

  • Can I choose to download only some specific parts of my raw data report?

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  1. Go to the Management menu in the top left corner, select Raw Data Reports tab to open the page. This will show every data report for all your clients.

  1. To select a specific data report, you can choose PaidAll, All SubmittedOverdueUnpaid, Partially Paid, Partially Refunded, Refunded, Uncollectible and Uninvoiced.

  1. To select and filter a report, click the Search or Add Filter bar. 

  1. From the dropdown list, choose and select either Client, Provider, Session Period, Invoice Period, Entry Type, Payment Date Period, Service, Fee Payer, Invoice Status and Sort. This enables filtering what only needs to be visible.

  1. To create your tax report, click the Columns button seen on the right side of the screen.

  1. To choose which columns should be viewed on the raw data reports, Select the columns from the dropdown list. The list shows the active table columns. 

  1. If you are satisfied with the columns, click the Download Report button. This allows you to view the tax report on your computer.