Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I delete a discipline that is no longer necessary?

  • As a clinic owner, how can I delete my Practitioner’s (staff) discipline that is no longer their discipline or department?

  • Can I delete discipline(s) with the same name that show up in the services?

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It is important to manage the list of disciplines in your clinic, be it as a solo practitioner or as a team of practitioners with different specializations. It can get confusing if you did not appropriately attach the correct service to the respective discipline. This can reduce the visibility of services for a practitioner if they have not been assigned with the related discipline. 

Let’s say you added a discipline to a practitioner but they are not seeing the services dropdown menu, what you need to do is:

  • First, check if you have a duplicate discipline name on your list.

  • Second, make sure that it is assigned to BOTH the practitioner and the related services - to be visible on the practitioner’s side.

There are two ways to access and delete a discipline(s) from a clinic, this accessibility is only available to clinic owner(s): 

  • Account settings

  • Clinic Users Tab

In the Account Settings

  1. Go to your Practitioner User Modal by clicking the Practitioner Icon at the top right corner of the screen.

  1. Select the Account Settings option.

  1. Once the Practitioner modal appears, click the Clinic Tab on the modal.

  1. Select the Discipline dropdown menu from the Discipline section.

  1. Choose a Discipline to delete on the dropdown list.

  1. To delete a discipline added to a Practitioner, click the Edit button beside the discipline name.

  1. Select the Delete button on the modal.

  1. Notice that a Delete Discipline modal will appear. This prompts you to assign the current Practitioner records to another existing discipline before deleting them.

  1. Choose and select a New Discipline to reassign the existing records of the Practitioner.

  1. Click the Reassign and Delete button in the modal.

  1. Notice the Notification box popping up once you clicked the Reassign and delete button.

  1. To save all changes made, click the Save button to close the Practitioner's modal.

In the Clinic Users Tab

  1. Go to the Clinic Users Page by clicking the Clinic Users Tab in the Management menu at the top left corner.

  1. To use the Search Function,  type the practitioner or staff’s name to delete a discipline from their modal.

  1. Alternatively, use the Filter Function to view only the list of Practitioner(s) or staff of the clinic.

  1. Repeat Step 3-12 on the “In the Account Settings” section above.