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  • How can I create a default password for documents and invoices I send to clients from Therabyte via email or download. 

  • I sent a client an invoice but I forgot the default password I created. How do I go back and check the password?

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NOTE: Setting up the default password will not be automatically added to the files shared with the client where you enabled a password protection. (Refer below to a sample email that a client will receive).

Setting a default password for documents

  1. Go to the Clients page by clicking the Clients tab in the My Office menu at the top left corner.

  1. To create a default document password for a client, choose and Select a Client from the your client list.

  1. In the client chart modal, click the Edit Profile button.

  1. Scroll down at the bottom of the modal, notice the Default Document Password box.

  1. Type the Custom Default Password for your client and then click Save.

An example of sharing a note through an email with a password

  • When you select to send with a password, the Password Protection Modal will appear with the default password previously created from the client chart modal. You can override this and use a temporary one-time password for the document. 

  • You have to inform the client about the password you have created for the document sent through their email. If you forget to share the temporary password with the client who will receive it, there is no way to recover the password used. You will be required to resend it with a new temporary password.