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  • How do I create a category for my clinic’s discipline or department?

  • What is the importance of using categories divided by discipline/department for my clinic?

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The importance of categorizing the discipline or department of a service within the clinic is to segment the services to only appear and be used by specific disciplines/departments within the clinic. This would limit everyone to see all services in a clinic. If the owner/office admin chooses to not add a discipline for a service category then all users will be able to view and select all the services offered within the clinic.


  • The Practice setup menu is only accessible for the Owner or office admin of a clinic.

  1. Click the Services tab from the Practice Setup menu on the top left corner of the page. 

Note: To know more about the basic setup of services, read this article.

  1. To create a new category for a discipline or department, click the + button on the Category dropdown menu.

  1. Notice the Add Category modal pop-up. Type the Category Name in the field provided.

  1. Choose and select a Discipline from the Discipline dropdown menu, to add to the category in order to limit the service visibility to certain disciplines/departments.

Note: The list of disciplines is populated based on disciplines added by the owner from the Clinic Users tab. A user can add multiple disciplines to a service category. 

  1. To save the new category created, click the Save button.

  1. Alternatively, To add a new discipline within the clinic, click the + button from the Discipline dropdown menu.

  1. Notice the Add Discipline modal appearing. Type the Discipline Name on the field provided.

  1. To save the new discipline created, click the Save button.

  1. To remove a discipline from an existing category, click the X button beside the discipline name.

  1. To edit the category name, click the Edit button beside the category name.

  1. Notice the Edit Category Modal showing up. Type the new Category name on the field provided and Save the changes made.