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  • What are the different options to mark a leaf goal’s status?

  • How do I find the “In maintenance” status button?

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The leaf status indicates wherein the client’s journey they are at with each individual goal (leaf). There are 5 options that can be manually updated or will update based on actions taken, such as adding a leaf to a session or marking progress on a leaf during a client session.

Note: Screenshots are taken from a user that has basic smart trees features, that are included in all Therabyte plans. 

  1. In the Outcome Stage of the Scheduler, notice the Leaf Status button to the right side of the Scheduler modal.

  1. Notice the status options:

    1. Not Started - This appears when a practitioner chooses a leaf goal that a client has not yet worked on.

    2. In progress - This is marked when a comment is initially added to a goal or it is selected manually when the client begins working on this goal. 

    3. On Hold - Manually selected to indicate that this goal is put on hold and not currently being worked on. 

    4. Mastered - To mark a client’s performance that has completed a goal (or task). With advanced data tracking options, this will automatically select when the goal criteria have been met with data added during a session.

    5. In Maintenance - This button only appears for leaf goals with a status Mastered. This allows the Therapist to still keep track of a goal that was previously completed by their client and continue adding it to sessions for the reason of maintaining the selected goal or skill.