How to Create Forms

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  • FAQs about Therabyte Forms
  • How to create a customized form?
  • Difference between a self-intake and basic form
  • Anatomy of Therabyte forms
  • What are built-in blocks?

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FAQ: What can forms do?

You can create online intake and consent forms that can be shared with new clients, via the landing page, or accessed via a button on your existing landing page (website)

2. You can share other client related forms with existing clients via email or via the client portal.

3. Form elements include: basic fields and built in blocks to create quick forms with the exact fields that you want.
4. Built-in blocks:  The incorporation of built-in blocks simplifies the task of generating a comprehensive client record, as it automatically fills in all the required fields within the client chart model.

5. Therabyte forms are custom built forms that allow for e signatures, the form builder does not accommodate the upload of a PDF form to be signed digitally. If you choose to share a PDF form with a client, you can do that via a note, and have your client upload the document back to you from the client portal, see instructions here.

How to create a customized Form


Management side bar

  • Locate My Office

  • Go to Management and select Forms Tab


Upon accessing the Forms tab, you will be presented with an overview of all the available forms, along with a "New Form" tab located at the top left corner of the screen.

Click the New Form tab and select the form you want to make. You can create either a basic form or a self-intake form.


There are two types of forms:

  1. self-intake form is - a form type that is used on the clinic landing page or if you would like the form shared via the client portal to auto populate existing client demographic information. This form type requires the client profile built in block. 

  2. A basic form - is a form type when you would like to create a survey or a general-purpose form. Here, some blocks are disabled, such as the client profile block. These forms will not be available to add to the Clinic landing page and do not include client demographic information auto-populated. 

Tip: When in doubt, create a self-intake form.

In this tutorial we will be using the example of a self intake form. 


Steps, blocks, fields - The Therabyte Form has the ability to create multiple “steps” or pages. Within each step, you have the option to add categories known as "blocks" and within the blocks, you can add in desired fields. 

Note: The built-in blocks have a set field structure. The advantage of using the client profile block is that it will create the client record within your Therabyte account, or pull from the information already entered. 

  1. Building a block - To begin, you can add a title to the page and then proceed to add your desired fields. There are a variety of fields available for you to choose from when adding content to each block.

    1. A text box 

    2. Multiple choice

    3. Drop down

    4. Scale/range

    5. Text/Description

    6. Date Picker

  2. To add more fields to a block, click the blue (+) button.

  3. To edit the fields within a block, click on the pencil icon next to the field name. 

      1. Editing options will come up on the right hand side of the screen. Called properties.

      2. The fields include features such as:

        1. setting a field as required, 

        2. allowing for multiple choice answers, 

        3. adding a signature, etc.


    1. Built-in blocks can be used to create a client profile, and afterwards, will be auto populated from parts of your Therabyte system.

    2. You can add these blocks by simply dragging and dropping to the field in the center where you are making the form. 

    3. To adjust the available fields included within the built-in blocks (such as the client profile):To do this, simply check or uncheck the appropriate option on the right side of the screen. Note there are two columns, one if you want the field to be visible and the other if you want it to be a required field. 

      Tip: Click the orange preview button to see in time the addition and removal of different fields.

  1. To duplicate a selected block or field, click the 3 dots on the right side of the block or field and then select Duplicate.

  2. To delete a selected field, clicking the x button to the right side of the field.


Now you know the basic steps for creating forms in Therabyte, you're ready to start building your own custom forms. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help. Simply contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you in any way we can.


  1. Is there a way to duplicate the form?

    • Great news! You can now easily duplicate your forms. Simply navigate to the Forms tab, locate the specific form you wish to duplicate, and click on the three dots on the right-hand side. A menu will appear, offering you the choice to either duplicate or download the selected form. You can also change the type of form from self-intake form to basic form or vice versa after you have duplicated the form.

  1. Why can’t I change or add fields to the built in blocks?

    • These fields are set up to autopopulate fields within the client chart modal. They do not have the flexibility to add additional field types. However, if you select the pencil to edit, on the right hand side you will have properties that you can turn on and off. 

  1. How do I add a space between 1 field and the next?

    • This can be achieved, by removing the subject line and adding it to the body of the field and bolding it. This will make it stand out and create space between fields. 

  1. Can I change the text of the signature button?

    • The signature button text is fixed, if you would like to add in additional verification of understanding, we suggest adding a single checkbox that is required on the form directly above the signature.