A definitive guide on how to bill by units for ICD10 and CPT codes that require unit reporting.

Questions answered in this article:

  • How to add ICD-10 and CPT Codes?

  • How to create a Superbill on Therabyte?

  • What is a CPT code??

  • What is an ICD-10 code?

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Superbill - a specialized medical invoice provided by medical billing companies to help clients obtain reimbursements from their insurance providers. Unlike regular invoices addressed to patients, superbills include specific details and codes necessary for insurance claims and reimbursement.

CPT - Current Procedural Terminology - a uniform language for coding medical services and procedures to streamline reporting

ICD-10 - International Classification of Diseases -is a set of codes, developed by the World Health Organization, that aims to help providers identify diagnoses for their patients.

While Therabyte continues to improve its invoicing to meet the superbill requirements (Set for release in 2023). We have put together a guideline for how to include all necessary information on an invoice so that it qualifies as a superbill. 

First, let’s go through how to add the necessary details.


  1. First, on the client profile, click the "Edit Profile" button.

  1. Then, select the "Other ID" field and click the "Add" button from the dropdown list to create an entry called ICD-10 (this option will now be available for all clients).

  1. Select this new “Other ID” type, type in the ICD-10 code in the text box, and then click the Save button.

  1. This code will show up on the invoice, and when sent or downloaded as a PDF will read ICD-10 with the corresponding number. 


  1. When creating and setting up your services (see this related article), you will need to name your services with the CPT code. For example, this would look like 97358 - Therapeutic Activities.  For each CPT code that you use within your clinic, you will need to add a service that corresponds with the code and its name. 

  1. When selecting the service for a client session, be sure to select the correct CPT code/service for the session for it to appear on the invoice. 

  1. The CPT code will now appear as part of this client session as an item to be invoiced and can be added to an invoice.

  2. To clarify the invoice as a “Super Bill”, change the name of the invoice summary to "Super Bill." 


While we continue to work on our units feature which had been temporarily disabled the only unit option available is hours. It is important to add a comment to your invoice that clarifies the conversion between hours and units that is represented on the invoice. We have been told by various clinicians that these conversions have allowed for successful insurance reimbursements. 

  1. This can be added as a comment to each line item on the invoice.

  1. It can also be added as a comment automatically added to each invoice, by adjusting the customer invoice message in the invoice settings. (Click here to learn more about Invoice Setting). 

To display the comment box in the invoice.

Click the Billing tab of Settings > tick the Always show comment box in invoices by default toggle button. 

Thank you for your patience while we work to improve these features to better suit the needs of a superbill.