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  • How do I create a video session for TB Meet?
  • Can I select multiple clients for a video session for TB Meet?
  • How can I join a session for TB Meet?

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    - For best compatibility, Therabyte recommends using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (on Android or PC/Mac) or Safari (on iOS).

1. Go to the Scheduler page by clicking the Scheduler menu on the left side. 

2. Click the placeholder of your desired time and date. An event editor will appear on the right side where you can set client or non-client event.

3. To add a Video Session, click the dropdown menu on the right side of the event editor and choose Video Session event under Client Events

4. Fill out all the required details on the event editor including the assignment of multiple clients. Click the Check button to set and save the Video Session event. (It will now be visible on your clients end). 

5. Go to the calendar and click the newly created Video Session event. An event editor will appear where you can find a Join Session button. You can join the session as early as 15 minutes prior to the session. Click the Join Session button to start the video Session, it will deploy the video session in a new chrome tab.