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  • Can I add a 3rd party participant to join in a video session?
  • How do I add a 3rd party participant to join?
  • How can I send email notifications to my 3rd party participant?

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- For best compatibility, Therabyte recommends using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (on Android or PC/Mac) or Safari (on iOS). 

1. First, go to the Scheduler page to create a Video Session event or just click an existing Video Session event.

2. To add 3rd party participant(s), scroll down to the bottom part of the event editor, and click the 3rd Party Contact field.

3. Options of 3rd party contacts that you may add on the Video Session will appear. Click the name to add existing contact or click the plus button to manually add a new contact. 

4. Once a contact is added, it will display on the field. You can still remove the added contact(s) by clicking the small remove button on the right side of the name. Click the Send Now button to send an email notification to the 3rd party contact. To save changes, click the Save button. 

5. The 3rd party contact will then receive email notification of the video session he or she is involved in. The first time they are invited to a video session, the email should include a temporary password.

Troubleshooting - login for3rd party contact:

  • If for some reason the password does not and appears as the email below. The 3rd party contact can click the login button, and then request a password reset. This will send them an email notification, allow them to create a password, login and access the video. Remind them to remember this password as this is how they will access future video sessions.
  • If for some reason they do not get the password reset verification email, you can find the 3rd party contact in the list of clinic users and set a temporary password for them. Read more about that process here. 

6. In the 3rd party contact's account, the upcoming Video session will be viewed under the appointments page. To join the Video Session, just click the Join Session button on the right side of the Session event.