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  • What is the significance of having our own practice website?
  • How do I customize my practice website?
  • On the landing page of my website, how can I add services and make them visible?

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- For best compatibility, Therabyte recommends using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (on Android or PC/Mac) or Safari (on iOS).

Therabyte has a ready-made website which is called the 'Practice site', that serves as a landing page for clients where they can view details about your clinic, the services that your clinic offers, and the teams providing those clinic services. In order to customize the content of your own practice site, simply follow the steps provided below.

To go to the Website Editor, click the Website under the Practice Setup side tab category

In the Website Editor area, under the Details Tab, you can customize information on your Home, About, Services, and Team.


In the home area, you can edit the details that will show in the top banner section of your practice website. The fields available in the home are the following:






    To easily go to the font awesome site where you can copy icons, simply click the font awesome link in the popover. 


Similar to the Home section, you can also customize the Title, Content, and Icon in the About Section. But compared to the Title section, you can choose to show or hide the about section details by toggling the enabled button.


In the Services section, you can add multiple services that you want to show to your practice site page. This section can also be toggled to enable or disable.

  • To add services, just click the Add button.

  • Select the Discipline in which that service to be added belongs to.

  • Specify the service Title
  • You can also optionally provide a description of the service.
  • In the Included Services field, this is where you can select multiple specific services that you can include in the service category.
  • After saving the newly added service, it will be reflected in the available services table. if you want to remove the specific service, simply click the x circle button of that respective service.


In the Teams section, you can add multiple team members that you want to show to your practice page. Once they will be added, their clinic title, their field of practice, as well as their bio details will be shown on the page. 

  • To add a team member, click the Add button near the team members field

  • Once you click the add button, a new empty practitioner row will be added to the team members list. Click the Select Practitioner to specify a specific practitioner

  • After clicking the Select Practitioner, a list of practitioners will be shown. Once a practitioner is selected, his or her information will be automatically reflected in the list.

  • To get a glimpse of how your practice site looks like, simply click the Preview placed in the top-right corner of the Website Editor header

  • To save all the changes to the Website details, do not forget to click Save All.

Custom Intake Note Template

Click the Edit Intake Note Template under the Self-Intake button in the Settings area.

In the Intake Note Template form, you may now input your custom note template content.