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  • If I have an existing website, how can I connect it with Therabyte?
  • What functionalities of Therabyte can I use when I connect it to my existing website?
  • Why does the link open up to my dashboard?

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Do you have an existing website and want to hook up your online intake or booking?

To connect the functionalities such as booking an appointment, self-intake, and log in to your own existing website, you can simply copy the URL link and attach it your existing website buttons

Book appointment and self intake functionality will always go through the practice site or the practice main page. But as for Login you may bypass the practice site, by adding '/login' at end of your URL link.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Copy the URL link of your practice site and add '/login' as the end of the link. As for the example URL link below, we will have a link of 
  2. In the backend of your existing website, add the link to the button. A sample of a client's existing website is shown below. The login URL link is attached to the client portal login.
  3. When you click the client portal login button, you will be redirected to the login page instead of the practice site.

In order to fix the issue of a link being redirected back on your dashboard, read this Troubleshooting - Testing the client portal link