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  • How to create a note in the notes tab?

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1. First, go to the Notes page by clicking the Note menu on the left corner of the page. 

2. On the Notes page, this is where you can see the notes you have created and are shared with you. To add a new note, click the drop-down button on the right side then you can choose your desired type of client-related event. If you click the New button, it will let you create a default client event which is the Session event. 

3. In the example below, we will be creating a Video Session event. We have the option to either make that a direct or an indirect event.

4. If it is an Indirect event, you will notice here that we are logging the status of this note. In the indirect event, clients are not present so you just have to mark the status.

5. If it's a Direct event, we are logging the attendance. In the Direct event, the client is directly involved. 

6. Next select your Service, and Client and we also have the option to bring in a third (3rd) party participant. For example in this video session, we included a 3rd party participant, and lastly mark the attendance.

7. When you have added in the necessary client documentation don't forget to choose save or sign.

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