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  • How to create a note in the notes tab?

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1. First, go to the Notes page by clicking the Notes menu under My Office.

2. On the Notes page, you can conveniently access and review all the notes you've created, as well as those shared with you.

To initiate a new note, clicking the "New" button will instantly generate a default client event. Alternatively, when you click the dropdown button located on the right-hand side - you'll be prompted to select the type of client-related event you wish to document.

3. Below, you'll find an example demonstrating the creation of a Video Session event.

A. You can select the event type from the dropdown menu.

B. Additionally, you have the choice to designate the note as either a direct or indirect event.

4. If the event is classified as Indirect, you'll observe that the note includes status logging. Indirect events occur without client presence.

5. For Direct events, attendance logging takes precedence, as the client is directly involved. 

6. Next select your Service, and Client and we also have the option to bring in a third (3rd) party participant.

7. Once all essential client documentation is included, remember to save and/or sign the note.

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