Questions answered in this article:

  • Can I create a note directly from the client chart modal?
  • Can I use my own template to create a note?
  • Can I share or send notes to my client?

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1. Go to the Client page by clicking the Client menu on the left corner.

2. Click the client name the client chart modal will appear. Proceed to the Files tab where you can view Notes, Uploads, and Note Attachment. Select from the New dropdown and choose your note event type.

3. An event session editor will appear to make a client event with notes. The session editor here has the same features as the event session editor in the Notes tab, learn more about these features here. 

4. You can add note details like Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan on the boxes provided. 

5. You can also add a ready-made template to your notes. Just select a template from the upper right corner. 

6. To share notes with clients, click the Share button on the top, and toggle-on the client that you want to share the note with. Click the Share to Portal button to save changes. 

7. To download the note, click the Download button on the top and choose whether to download with or without a password.

8. To email a note directly from within the platform, click the email menu on the top and check the clients that you want to receive the note. Click the Email Note button to send an email with or without password protection.

9. To sign a note, click the Sign icon on the top. 

10. To finalize and save a note, click the Save button on the top. 

11. For more configuration like Duplication, Deletion, and Adding of a sketch, click the More menu on the top.