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  • How do I create contract and/or claims for a funder?

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1. With our services and funders all set up, now we are going to view a client's details. Proceed to the finances tab to view and set up contracts. Here you can see that the client has two contracts. One is expired and the other one is still active. 

2.  If you want to add a contract, click the Add new button on the upper left side of the contract list.

3. Choose a title for the contract, select a funder, and fill out all other important details. The funder contact will be the individual invoices are emailed from within Therabyte, when this contract is selected for payment of this invoice.

4. Add in a contract reference #, set the amount of funds granted, which will default to the same amount for funds available. Add in an existing service, if required at this point you, can adjust the fee for the service to be specific to this contract/grant. Click the Save button to save changes. 

5. The default status of the contract will depend on the time period selected, if you are within the time period it will show as active.