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  • What are the available options for your clients to sign the form sent to them?

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Follow these steps

1. Choose how you will send your form to your client; either by sharing a Note to their Client Portal, or emailing it to them. 

a)  If you have chosen by email skip to step 9.

b)  If you have chosen sharing by Note continue onto step 2.

2. Go to Clients on the left navigation bar. Choose the client you wish to send a form to and click on their name to open their electronic folder.

3. Within the clients electronic folder look at the top navigation bar. Choose Files top right icon.

4. Press the blue New button. When the new note opens start at the top left to fill out all of the required fields. In the sample below we provide recommendations for the fields.  


Starting at top left fields chosen:

Preset as Session - (selected) Other

Attendance - (selected) Non-Billable

Service - (selected) Forms

Note Title - (type in the name of the form) Consent Form

For your Service you need to have created your options prior. Examples: 'Documentation', 'Indirect', 'Correspondence' or as we chose in this sample 'Forms'. 

5. OPTIONAL - provide a mandatory collection date for the signature within the Narrative. You can also write the date within the Homework section then enable it.

6. Attach your form to the bottom of the Note. Save and Sign. 

7. Re-open the signed note and choose Share. Enable the person you would like to receive the form and press Share to Portal. 

8. Once signed the client can upload it through their Client Portal and securely send it back to you. The clients form once uploaded and sent from the Client Portal will be able to be retrieved and viewed within Files by returning to clients electronic folder.

9. Signing Options

a) Have your client print on their end, sign it then either take a photo or scan it. Save and name the scanned document or picture. Then they can either upload to their Client Portal or email it to you.

b) Open the form in a 'Paint' or 'Whiteboard' program or something similar. Then sign it with the tip of their finger after selecting a type of digital writing utensil or your client might have a tablet or computer pen that they can use on their screen. Then save the image and name it. Then they can either upload to their Client Portal or email it to you.

c) Use an electronic signature program (example: Adobe, Windows or from their preferred choice in 'signature' App). Then save the document, name it and then they can either upload to their Client Portal or email it to you.

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