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  • What does a client have access to in the Client Portal?

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When clients log into their portal, they have access to the following features:

1. Appointments: Clients can view their upcoming appointments, whether they are therapy sessions or video sessions (TB Meet). If they have the appropriate permissions, they can join video sessions directly from the client portal. Clients can also see their pending, active, and past appointments, and can book new appointments in the client portal.

2. Documents/Notes: Clients can access session notes and any homework or assignments shared by their practitioner. Practitioners can share a note by following the instructions here.

3. Invoices: Clients can view invoices shared by their practitioner in the client portal. Follow these steps on how to share an invoice.

4. Forms: Clients can view and complete self-intake or other forms shared by the practitioner.

Note: Additional tabs and features available in the client portal depend on the specific features the practitioner has enabled in their Therabyte account.

If no documents or invoices have been shared, those sections will be blank for your client.

If your client can access the client portal but is unable to join their video session, please review these instructions here.