Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I remove an employee or subcontractor from my clinic?
  • Can I archive an employee or subcontractor?

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  • Presently, you are not able to completely remove or archive a clinic user once they have been added to the clinic. They can only be set into “inactive”

  • If you have a staff or student who is no longer working for your clinic, we suggest following the steps below to ensure the protection of your clinic’s data.

  • In the future, we look forward to having an archived option for the Therabyte community.

  1. Go to the Users page by clicking the Clinic Users from the left navigation menu under the Management menu section.

  1. Choose and select the user you’d like to remove from your clinic.

Note: In this case, you will be setting the user as inactive.

  1. To inactivate the user account, click the Inactive option from the Status section.

  1. Next, click the Password tab and Change the password from the fields provided.

  1. Select the Clinic tab and scroll over the Application role section.

  1. Click the Edit button and de-select all roles

Note: Don’t forget to click the Done button after removing the roles.

  1. To save all changes made, you can now click the Save button in the modal.