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  • How do I remove an employee or subcontractor from my clinic?
  • Can I archive an employee or subcontractor?

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Note: At this time you are not able to completely remove or archive a clinic user once they have been added to the clinic. 

If you have a staff or student who is no longer working with you, we suggest the following steps so that you can protect that data of the clinic. 

1. Select my office and choose Clinic Users from the side bar navigation menu.

2. Select the Clinic user that you wish to no longer have access to clinic data. 

3. Select the Clinic tab and choose Edit 

4. Deselect the roles that have been assigned to this user.

5. Next, go to the Password tab and change the password. 

6. Select the Save button, you have now removed access from this clinic users. 

*In the future we look forward to have an archive option for clinic users.