Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I assign a manager role?
  • How to add the practitioners to a specific manager and their member categories?
  • Does a manager have access to the client of other practitioners (e.g. notes)?

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Assigning the manager role is done in > Management > Teams

Assigning the manager role is done by selecting an existing team or creating a "New Team", then add practitioners to either the manager or member categories. 

Manager role - Allow's your managers that oversee other practitioners (but may not be directly assigned to a client), access visibility to clinical notes. To allow access to notes, 

  1. First set up your teams and assign your managers. 
  2. Next, see settings > notes to assign note visibility to notes created by team members. Automatically anyone who has been added to the client profile as a practitioner working with that client will see the notes for that client. If managers are not added directly to a client's profile then they will require the manager access set up to allow access to view practitioner's notes. 

See also the article on note settings and adding practitioners to a client.