Questions answered in this article:

•    How do I assign a manager role?

•    How to add the practitioners to a specific manager and their member categories?

•    Does a manager have access to the client of other practitioners (e.g. notes)?

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To assign the manager role, you can follow these simple steps:

1.    Go to My Office

2.    Navigate to Management and click on Crews


3.    Select an existing team or create a “New Team”

4.    Add practitioners to either the manager or member categories.


Manager Role allows managers who oversee other practitioners (but may not be directly assigned to a client) to access clinical notes for visibility purposes. This role grants access to notes.

1.    To get started, set up your Crews and assign your managers

2.    Navigate to Settings and go to Notes to assign note visibility.

By default, practitioners added to a client’s profile can view notes for the client. However, if managers are not directly added to a client’s profile, you will need to enable manager access to allow them to view practitioner notes.

Additionally, you can also refer to the article on note settings and adding practitioners to a client for further information.