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  • How do I add in new employees or subcontractors to my clinic?

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  • Active tab - this is where all active practitioners, parents/guardians, contacts are listed.
  • Inactive tab - all users whose status has been changed to inactive will appear in this list. 

To go to the clinic users page, simply click the Clinic Users sub-menu under the Management side menu category.

1. Active and Inactive tab

You can simply switch to either Active or Inactive tab to view the user list according to their status. 


2. Add new clinic users

Click the 'New Staff' button to open the new staff form.

In the form, you can optionally upload a profile picture for the new staff


There are 3 groups of details that you can set in the new staff form.

a. Account

  • You are required to select the user status.
  • Optionally input the registration or license number. This only applies to certified practitioners
  • By default, the staff ID is auto-generated. To set a custom staff ID just click the Edit button.

  • You are required to input the first name and the last name of the user staff.

  • Optionally input the user staff's phone number.

  • Optionally specify the user staff rate level.

  • Optionally input the user staff's email address.

b. Password

  • Input the user's temporary password
  • Input again the same user temporary password to confirm

c. Clinic

  • Input the user's title or position in the clinic
  • Input a little bit of information about the user
  • Input the discipline or department of the user
  • Click Edit, to specify the application role of the user
  • identify the application role of the user in the respective checkboxes, and then click Done.
  • The Clinic and Timezone fields will default to the clinic settings so you don't need to update them.