Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I add new practitioners or users to my clinic?

  • How do I set a temporary password for the members of my clinic?

  • What are some of the steps I should follow to allow Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-Factorial Authentication (MFA) for my clinic and the team members for a more secure account?

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  • Solo or Solo+ plan restricts adding practitioners unless you upgrade to a Teams plan.

  • Adding new "student practitioner" accounts is free for all plans.

The Accounts User Modal for practitioners currently consists of 2-3 tabs:

  1. My Clinic - this is where you can see all associated clients of your team members. Clicking on the client name redirects to the client chart modal.

  2. Accounts - this is where you can set up passwords, enable email notification settings, and manage the user status.

  3. Sessions (Alpha users) - This will be available soon for all Therabyte users and the Timesheet feature will show up on this tab.


Adding a new Practitioner to your clinic

  1. Go to the Users page by clicking the Clinic Users Tab in the Management menu at the top left corner.


  1. Notice the Users page has 2 tabs, you can switch from either to view the user list according to their status

  1. Active tab - this is where all active practitioners, parents/guardians, and contacts are listed.

  2. Inactive tab - all users whose status has been changed to inactive will appear in this list.


  1. To add a new practitioner or clinic user, select the New Staff Dropdown menu and choose the option Staff to open the Practitioner modal.


My Clinic Tab


Here, you can view the clients associated with a Practitioner. You may also click on the client’s name to be redirected to their client chart modal.



Account Tab

  1. Fill in the details of the required fields, consisting of the following:

  2. Status - select an option to set a user as active or inactive.

  3. Registration or License # - Input the registration number of the practitioner. (This only applies to certified practitioners).

  4. Staff ID - By default, the staff ID is auto-generated. To set a custom staff ID, just click the Edit button.

  5. Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA) - this feature will be visible on your clinic upon request, please contact support at

  6. Email Notification Settings - enable email notification by checking the boxes.

  7. Application Role -  the user role will enable the access and limitation of a user within the clinic.

  8. Clinic and Timezone -  default to the clinic settings. (can only be changed at the clinic level).

  9. Password - you can provide a temporary password or set a new password for a clinic user.


Edit a clinic user profile,

To edit a clinic user profile click the Edit button which consists of the following:

  1. Name - add your team member’s first and last name.

  2. Title - specify the position of the user (e.g. admin, SLP, OT, etc)

  3. Discipline and Compensation Tier - assigning this properly would help your members in having the visibility of what “services” are available to them on their dropdown in the Scheduler. 

Note: To know more, read: Manage the list of Disciplines and How to use categories to create efficiency for your team

  1. Bio - add information about the user. This is optional but can also be important if you decided to add the list of practitioners you have in the clinic, the bio of each user will be visible on the website.

  2. Email - add the user’s primary and secondary email (optional).

  3. Phone - add the user’s primary and secondary phone number (optional).

Note: To mark a number as default, check the box under the Default section.

To save all changes made, click the Save button.

  1. On the Update Profile modal, located below the modal.

Lastly, when you have finished making all adjustments, Click the save button on the main Accounts modal, located at the top right corner of the modal.