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  • How do I add in new employees or subcontractors to my clinic?

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Note: You can add the photo of the user of the practitioner you are adding for customization.

  1. Go to the Users page by clicking the Clinic Users Tab in the Management menu at the top left corner.

  1. Notice the Users page has 2 tabs, you can switch from either to view the user list according to their status

  1. Active tab - this is where all active practitioners, parents/guardians, contacts are listed.

  2. Inactive tab - all users whose status has been changed to inactive will appear in this list.

  1. To add a new practitioner or clinic user, select the New Staff Dropdown menu and choose the option Staff to open the Practitioner modal.

A Clinic User modal will appear with 3 tabs, where you are required to add in staff information. Account Tab, Password Tab, and Clinic Tab.

In the Account Tab

  1. Fill in the details of the required fields, consists of the following:

  2. Status - select an option to set a user as active or inactive.

  3. Registration or License # - Input the registration number of the practitioner. This only applies to certified practitioners

  4. Staff ID - By default, the staff ID is auto-generated. To set a custom staff ID, just click the Edit button.

  5. First and Last name - input the name of the user or practitioner

  1. To add the email information, type either a Main or Other Email on the fields provided.

  1. To add the phone number, type the Number and specify if its a WorkHome, and Cellphone on the fields provided.

Note: You can check the box to mark a phone number as default.

  1. To enable email notification, select and check all boxes in the Email Notification settings.

  1. To save changes in the Account tab, click the Save button.

In the Password Tab

Note: As a clinic owner or manager, you are setting a temporary password for the practitioners or staff. Since the practitioner can also change their own password as needed.

  1. To set a password for your practitioner, type a Temporary New Password and Confirm Password in the fields provided.

  1. To save changes in the Password tab, click the Save button.

In the Clinic Tab 

Note: It is important to properly assign the discipline and compensation tier of the staff or practitioner. Depending on what was assigned to them by the clinic owner and Manager, they have limited options or visibility on their dropdown lists.

  1. To add the title and Bio of a user or practitioner, type the details in the blank field provided.

  2. Title - specify the position of the user (e.g. admin, SLP, OT, etc)

  3. Bio - add information about the user. This is optional but can also be important if you decided to add the list of practitioner or team you have in the clinic, the bio of each user will be visible on the website

  1. To choose and select the Discipline and Compensation Tier of the user, select an option from the Dropdown menu on each section. 

Note: To know more, read Anatomy of services (or refer to above related articles)

  1. Discipline

  1. Compensation Tier

  1. Alternatively, you can create a New Discipline or Compensation Tier by clicking the + button in the dropdown menu.

  1. To choose an Application role for the user, click the Edit button and choose 2 or more options to select PractitionerOffice Admin, or Telepractice

  1. To save changes on the user application role, click the Done button.

  1. The Clinic and Timezone fields are default to the clinic settings. There is no need to update them.

  1. To save all changes created in the Clinic Tab, click the Save button.

In the Clients Tab

Note: This will ONLY be visible once you created a new clinic user. This allows the practitioner to view the list of clients assigned to them. In case the clinic user is new, the Clients tab is left blank.

  • Here’s an example of a Practitioner with a list of clients

  • Here’s an example of a new Practitioner with NO clients assigned yet