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  • How do I mark the attendance of a client?

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When creating a session event in the scheduler, the practitioner must mark the attendance of the client before saving or signing the session in the 3rd step of the session event - outcomes stage.

  1. In the outcomes stage, notice the attendance section where there are 5 ways to mark a client’s attendance.

  1. To mark a client who attended a session, select the green Attended Button.

  1. To mark a client who cancelled a session, select the red Cancelled button. These sessions will not be marked for billing.

  1. To mark a client who cancelled late for the session, select the orange Late cancellation button. These sessions will appear as billable uninvoiced items.

  1. To mark a client who did not show up for the session, select the grey No Show button. These items will show up as billable items to be invoiced.

  1. To mark if the session is a non-billable event, select the grey Non-billable button. These items will be marked as non-billable for invoicing.

  1. When you have marked the client’s attendance, click the Save Check or the Sign Icon at the top to save and close this session event. 

Note: Keeping in mind that once a note is signed you only have 24 hrs to make amendments to it. If you still have something to add to this note you should select save.