Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I enable tax to be visible on my clinic’s invoice?

  • How can I add a tax to an invoice?

  • Can I create a new tax?

  • Can I automatically add the tax to all my invoices?

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Enable taxes for your clinic

  1. Go to the Settings page by clicking the Settings tab in the Practice setup from the top left corner.

  1. Choose and select the Billing Tab from the Settings page.

  1. To enable tax on the invoice, select the Enabled toggle button.

  1. To change the next invoice number, Type the Custom Number on the field provided.

Note: Changing the invoice number will only affect the new invoices created.

  1. To change the invoice prefix, Type the Custom Prefix on the field provided.

Note: Changing the invoice prefix will only affect the new invoices created.

  1. To save all changes created, click the Save button seen at the top.

Adding Tax on a new or draft invoice

  1. Go to the Client page by clicking the Client tab in the My Office menu from the top left corner.

  1. Click the Client name and the client chart modal will appear. 

  1. Click and proceed to the Finance tab where you can view and edit your client’s invoices.

  1. Create a new invoice or scroll down and select a drafted invoice to be edited.

  1. If you have selected a draft invoice, click the Edit button seen at the top beside the 3 vertical dots button.

  1. To create or add tax, click the Select Tax button seen below the invoice.

  1. The Add Tax modal will appear. This allows you to choose a tax label or create a new one. 

  1. To add a new tax, click Add another Tax button. This allows you to type the new tax label and tax rate.

  1. Notice the toggle button indicating Auto add to New invoices. This automatically allows the taxes added to all your future invoices.

  1. If you finished creating a new tax, click the Save button. 

  1. Select the tax you want to add to the invoice, click Confirm to finalize the tax used.

  1. To save changes on the invoice, click the Save button located at the top of the invoice modal. Select from the Dropdown menu and choose an option to save.