Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I set up a tax for my services?

  • Where can I check the changes if my taxable services were updated?

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  1. From the Practice setup menu in the top left corner. Go to the Services page by clicking the Services tab.

  1. To add tax on a service, Select and Choose a service to be taxed.

Note: Not all services necessarily need a tax.


  1. The service chart modal will appear, select the Taxable toggle button.

  1. To save a service with an added tax, click the Save button seen below the service chart modal.

  1. Notice the Taxable column on the services page. This shows whether a service or package has tax or no tax provided on it.

  1. To check the new added tax service for a client, click the Magnifying button seen beside the bell button.

Note: The lists of clients will appear, select a client from the list.

  1. Next, click the Finance tab on the client chart modal.  

Note: Check the changes of the drafted invoice based on the taxed services that were recently changed.

  1. Repeat Step 4-5 of “Adding Tax on a new or draft invoice” article. Here’s the link. (or refer to related articles above)

  1. If everything is complete, click the Save button located at the top of the invoice modal. Select from the Dropdown menu and choose an option to save.