Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I create an invoice?

  • Can I add every uninvoiced item in one invoice (e.g., month of February)?

  • How do I add a custom service or product on an invoice?

  • What is the use of a “more” button in the invoice?

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  1. To create an invoice, Go to the Finance tab and scroll down to check the Uninvoiced section

  1. Select an uninvoiced item to create a draft invoice. Then, click the +To Invoice button.

  1. Alternatively, click the +Add All button to create an invoice for everything in the uninvoiced section.

  1. To check non-billable items, click the Show non-billable items button.

  1. To add a custom line item, click the Add Custom button seen below the invoice.

  1. Then, add the custom service or product name and the fixed price on the invoice.

Note: Changes made will be automatically added on the invoice.

  1. To save all changes, click the Save button at the top of the invoice modal. Select an option to save from the Dropdown menu.

  1. Additionally, to use the More button, click and choose an option to Mark as Submitted or Delete the invoice.