Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I import the invoices created from Therabyte to Quickbooks?

  • Why do I need to mark invoices as paid in order to import it on Quickbooks?

  • Why should I match the columns in the raw data reports tab before clicking the Quickbook format button?

  • Can you give a step-by-step instruction on quickbooks when importing files from Therabyte? 

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Quickbooks is a popular accounting software used by small to medium-sized businesses. Therabyte makes exporting invoice records easy by formatting a CSV file as required by Quickbooks. 

We will cover 3 basic steps:

  • Marking invoices as paid within Therabyte: Selecting a client, and marking their invoices as paid. This allows us to keep invoices organized and avoid importing the same invoice twice.

  • Exporting our data from the Raw Data Reports page: This is where we check the invoices that are marked paid and select the Quickbooks format option.

  • Quickbooks import: We will then show you how easy it is to import the data, and how Therabyte automatically maps most of the fields for you.

In the Clients Tab

  1. Go to the Clients page by clicking the Clients tab in the My Office menu from the top left corner.

  1. Choose and select a Client on the list. Notice the client chart modal showing up.

  1. Select the Finances Tab on the client chart modal.

  1. To import invoices from Therabyte to Quickbooks, choose and select a Number of Invoices in the Invoice History section.

  1. Next, choose and select  Paid in the dropdown menu beside the Invoice name.

  1. Notice the Pay Modal appearing, choose and select a Payment Method from the list.

Note: By marking an invoice paid and selecting the payment method used by a client, it minimizes the work you’ll do in Quickbooks.

  1. To save the changes made on an invoice payment method, click the Confirm button in the Pay modal.

In the Raw Data Reports Tab

Note: This tab is only accessible to the owner and office administrator of the clinic.

  1. Go to the Raw Data Reports page by clicking the Raw Data Reports tab in the Management menu from the top left corner.

  1. Choose and select the Paid Tab from the Billing Items tab.

  1. To view invoices on a specific start and end date, add a Filter option > choose  Invoice period from the dropdown menu.

Note: To know more about using the Therabyte filter system, read this article: Filtering system - Search bar

  1. To format the paid invoices into Quickbooks, click the QB Format button seen beside the Columns button.

  1. Notice the Format for Quickbooks notification pop-up box appearing.

Note: Please read the notification before proceeding to format the invoices such as how dates are formatted and the link to a training guide.

  1. Next, click the Confirm button in the modal.

  1. Select the Download for Quickbooks button on the right side of the page.

Note: The user may notice how the report is now configured to match Quickbooks.

On the Quickbooks website

Note: Let’s assume a user/practitioner already has an account created in Quickbooks.

  1. Go to the Settings menu by clicking the Settings button seen at the top right corner of the screen.

  1. To import data, select the Import Data from the Tools section.

  1. Next, select the Invoices option from the page.

Note: This is where the downloaded file from Therabyte will be uploaded.

  1. Notice the Upload modal popping up. Click the Browse button and upload the file from Therabyte.

  1. To add new contacts and products or services in Quickbooks, check the following boxes:

Note:  If you renamed your contacts or services, it is best NOT to check the boxes and manually map them on the next step. For more information click their import guide link in the modal.

  1. Add new contacts that don’t already exist in Quickbooks

  2. Add new products/services that don’t already exist in Quickbooks

  1. Select the Next button in the modal. 

  1. Notice the Map Fields modal popping up. Please note the following fields and what to match them in order to fully import the files from Therabyte:

  1. Invoice Date = YYYY-M-D

  2. Terms = Not applicable

  3. Service Date = Invoice Date

Note: The service date will be added soon in the raw data reports column options.

  1. Memo = Not applicable

  1. After clicking the Next button to proceed, notice the Import modal popping up.

  1. Select the Start Import button to finish the process of importing data.

  1. To check if the imported file is uploaded completely, click the Sales menu > then Invoices Tab from the options.

Note: The invoices seen on QuickBooks are the exact same invoices taken from Therabyte raw data reports tab.

  1. To mark an invoice as received and paid, select the Receive Payment button beside the invoice name.

  1. Notice the Receive Payment modal appearing. Select the Payment Method button.

Note: It depends on the user if all other custom fields are filled up. The payment method chosen in Quickbooks should match the option chosen in Therabyte.

  1. To mark multiple invoices as paid, check as many invoices as desired and the selected payment details will be applied to the selected batch.

  1. To save changes made on the invoices, choose and select the Save and Close button.