Questions answered in this article:

  • What is the importance of adding a digital signature?

  • Can I only add this feature in the overall form or it can be added to each block?

  • How does a form look like if a client signed it?

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How does a digital signature work in TB Forms?

Therabyte’s forms include a wonderful feature where you can let a client affirm that the data submitted--e.g., the consent privileges--s true and/or accurate. This will make sure that your client has verified the contents of the form they have submitted and reduces the risk of duplication or alteration of their answers.

When you enable this feature, the client won’t be able to submit the form unless he/she will sign the parts where they need to verify that the contents are true and valid.


  • In the Preview mode of a block, there is a difference in how the Digital Signature Feature will appear on a custom block versus a built-in block. Here’s an example:

  1. A sample built-in block 

  1. A sample custom block (basic or bookmark type)

Enable the Digital Signature

  1. Choose and select a Form from the list. 

Note: This applies to all Form types within Therabyte.

  1. To enable a digital signature from a blockToggle On the Signature beside the Actions button.

  1. To enable a digital signature from the Properties settingToggle On the Signature below the Header section.

Note: This only applies to built-in type blocks.

  1. To view the overall Form in preview, click the Form Preview button beside the Share button.

Note: Compare how the Digital signature feature shows up on the “Exercise” block in this view (refer to the photo shown in the note section).

When you enable this feature on a block, it should always show at the bottom part.

  1. To Save changes on a Form, there are 3 options:

  1. Save

  2. Save & Publish

  3. Save & Close

Example of a Form signed by a Test client

Note: Client Portal view - History Tab