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  • What is the form builder?

  • What are the 2 Form types and where can I find them?

  • What are the different fields or blocks I can use to create a form?

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What are TB Forms? 

TB Forms is the next-generation form builder from the Therabyte team. It allows you to create a variety of forms to gather important information from your clients. It also allows you to share parts of your form with your clinic and/or with other Therabyte users. 

In the future, you'll even be able to share entire forms as templates and create forms for your team members to fill out. 

We have big plans for this feature, including adding question triggers, reports, and more. We look forward to your feedback. 


  • TB Forms is quickly evolving, as will our documentation and videos. 

  • We will continue to add more built-in blocks and other components as the TB Forms evolves. Please reach out to us if you have any ideas for new features. 

  • For more information for the basic guide on the Form Builder, please refer to the related articles section (seen above)

2 Types of Forms

  1. Self-intake and consent type forms:

  • While this type of form is mostly used on your clinic website, you can also create other self-intake forms with fields more applicable for existing clients. 

  • You may create multiple self-intake forms, but only one (1) self-intake form can be LIVE on your clinic website. 

Note: The form that is marked “live” must have the “client profile” block included in the form.

  • Other forms created under this type can be marked as “Published” which enables them to be shared in the client portal.

  1. All-Purpose/General type forms (currently only available to Alpha users):

  • This type of form provides more flexibility. It is geared towards existing clients, shareable to the client portal. 

  • There is no need to add a client profile built-in block, the system will create a link between the form and the client that the form was shared with. 

  • This can be used for gathering surveys, feedback, and other general-type questionnaires.

3 main components of a Form Builder

  1. Basic Fields

  1. Built-in Blocks

  1. Bookmarked Blocks 

Note: These are personalized blocks that you or your clinic have created and designed or blocks shared among TB users. This area will show the blocks you bookmarked for ease of access.