Questions answered in this article:

  • What is a bookmarked block and where can I see it?

  • What is the significance of bookmarking a block?

  • How can I save a custom block for me to bookmark it?

  • How can I see and use the saved blocks created by other TB Users or my co-practitioners?

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Saving, sharing, and bookmarking blocks (Beta)?

Have you ever felt the need to copy your most used block (or questionnaire) to another form? How about sharing these awesome blocks across Therabyte users? This is where the Bookmark blocks come in handy. You are able to create your own custom blocks, save it, categorize them using keywords or discipline, plus share it within the clinic or in the TB Net.


  • TB Forms are constantly improving. We are planning to add more options for interacting with bookmarked blocks, allowing you to edit/delete them.  

Saving a custom block

  1. Choose and select a Form. Notice how the Form modal will appear.

  1. To bookmark a custom block, click the Actions button on the right side of a block.

  1. Click the Save as Custom Block from the dropdown menu.

  1. Notice the Save as Custom Block Modal appearing. 

Note: You may edit the custom block’s name on the field provided too.

  1. To add a description on a custom block, Fill in the Description box in the field provided.

Note: This can be helpful for you and other users who would like to have an idea of what the block’s content is all about. 

  1. To enable a custom block visibility, there are 2 ways you can do that:

Note: The block you created will always be visible on the My Library Tab. It’s the reason why the Form Author option is checked as a default.

  1. Clinic option - it will allow you to share the block within your clinic.

  2. TB Net option - it will allow you to share the block with other TB users.

  1. To add a keyword on a custom block, there are 2 ways to do it:

Note: Currently, there is a limitation that you’re not able to edit or delete a keyword for the meantime. 

  1. Type a new keyword on the field provided

  1. Choose and select an Existing Keyword in the dropdown menu

  1. To add a discipline to a custom block, there are 2 options you can choose from:

  1. Choose and select a Discipline on the dropdown menu

  1. Leave the field blank - marking it as an Unassigned block.

  1. To save all changes made, click the Save button on the modal.

Bookmarking a saved custom block

  1. Bookmarked blocks will appear under the Components section. To add your saved blocks to this list, click the + Add button.

Note: When you’re able to bookmark your favorite blocks, those blocks would become visible in this section.

  1. The modal that will appear has 3 tabs, these are:

  1. My Library - this is where the blocks you created and saved will appear.

  2. My Clinic - this is where the blocks your co-practitioners created and saved will appear.

  3. TB Net - this is where the blocks created and saved by other TB users will appear.

  1. To bookmark a saved custom block, click the Bookmark icon.

  1. To view a block content, click on the custom block name in the modal.

Custom Block Example and their Practitioner View

Practitioner View - My Clinic Tab

Practitioner View - TB Net Tab

Note: As I have mentioned, not choosing a discipline will mark it as Unassigned.

  1. 1st photo - it shows the Unassigned forms.

  1. 2nd photo - this shows how you’re able to view and bookmark other TB Clinics shared forms. Their clinic name will appear under the Form name.