Questions answered in this article:

  • How can my client add themselves to the waitlist?

  • Can I edit the self-intake form seen on the website?


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If you want your clients to do the work for you and add themselves to your clinic then this article is for you! This is one of Therabyte's features that can save you the most time. Get off the phone with your client, enable your online intake and send your client the "self-intake" link.

To get started, first thing you need to do is set up the self-intake:

1. To adjust and enable the content to your self-intake you will find this information in the website area of your practice set-up. 

2. Make sure that the toggle for the self-intake is turned on, this will enable the button on the pratice website as well as give you the option to edit the intake note template, by clicking on the "edit intake note template" button.

3. Adjust the content. It is a fillable word document, you are able to add in check boxes, tables, and images. 

4. You have the same text editor abilities that you do in other areas of the application.

5. Be sure to click the save button when you are done. 

6. The other portion of the self-intake that are not visible from this preview, can be seen by flipping to your own practice website and clicking on the self-intake button.

7. These are the fields that will automatically display at the top of this form.

Sending the Link to your client

8. In order for the client to add themself to your client list via the waitlist, they need to fill out the form. 

9.To access the self-intake link that is unique to our clinic. Click the Self-intake button.  When you look in the address bar there will be a URL associated with the intake form (eg.

10. An Intake Form will appear where client details should be filled out. 

11. You can then review this waitlist entries from the Clients' page under the Waitlists tab.