Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I update my team members' contact information as a clinic owner and office admin?

  • How do I update my contact information (e.g. email, phone number, etc) as a practitioner within our clinic?

  • How and where do I view my client list within the clinic?

  • How do I enable Multi-factor authentication in my account?

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There are two options on where to update a user account:

  • Account Settings = accessible for all users within the clinic, to edit their personal account information. 

  • Clinic Users Tab = accessible for Clinic Owner(s) and Office Admin(s). Note that the office admin has limited access to edit other team member accounts.

Account Settings

Note: Some text fields are blocked which can only be adjusted by the clinic owner or office admin.

  1. To access a user account modal, click the Account Settings option from the User icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

This will deploy the clinic user modal. From here, each practitioner is able to access their client list, edit personal information, change their password, and update personal account settings. 

  1. View Upcoming Appointments in the bottom left corner of the accounts modal.

Note: Refer to the photo on step #1.

Updating Personal Details

  1. To add a picture to the profile icon, click the Camera icon to upload a photo.

  1. To update personal details, click the Edit button.

  1. Next, edit the following contact fields as necessary:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Title - professional designation

  4. Discipline or Department - changing allowed by clinic owner(s) only. 

  5. Compensation Tier - changing allowed by clinic owner(s) only. 

  6. Bio - this will be displayed if the clinic enabled the online booking feature on Therabyte’s provided website.

  7. Email

  8. Phone

  1. To save changes made, click the Save button.

View client list

  1. View a list of clients assigned to you from the My Clinic tab

Clinic User Tab: Owner and Office Admin view

  1. To access the practitioner’s account modal, go to Clinic Users tab and browse the list of users within the clinic. 

Note: Use the filter option to narrow your search to a list of specific users within the clinic. 

  1. The same user account modal as previously described will be deployed and all the same editing options are available. 

  2. clinic owner and office admin, have access to view all clinic user profiles including staff, contractors, and clients. 

Personal Account Details of Team Members

  1. To edit personal account details, select the Account Tab and edit the following:

  2. Status Field - changing allowed by clinic owner(s) only.

  3. Registration or License Number

  4. Staff ID

  1. Enabling email and SMS notifications

  2. Application Role

  3. Clinic - changing allowed by clinic owner(s) only.

  4. Time Zone - changing the timezone, must be done clinic-wide and can only be requested by the Clinic Owner(s). To adjust the timezone, contact us at

  5. Password - reset your password by filling in the new password and confirming it.

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication - This feature is currently available by request to select clinics. If you are interested in enabling MFA, contact us by email at     

Note: Therabyte does not support VOIP phone providers. 

  1. To save changes made, click the Save button in the top right corner.