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  • How can I share an Assignment to a client portal? 
  • Can you share the Assignment box ahead of the session to send my client a list of materials for the session? 


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  1. 1. To share the Assignment box with your client, start by navigating to the Scheduler page. 




  1. 2. Select a specific event place holder to open the event manager. 



  1. 3. In the event manager, select the Outcome tab (3rd step).

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  1. 4. Scroll down through the event manager until you find the Assignment section. Fill out the assignment details, then toggle the switch to enable and share it with the client portal. Once shared, your client can view the assignment details in the portal. 


Can you share the assignment box before the session to provide your client with a list of materials needed? 

Answer: Yes, once you toggle and share the homework information, it will be accessible from the client portal. 


Suggested workflow for sharing the assignment box before the session: 

  1. 1. Rename the event title to “materials to collect”. 

  1. 2. Include the list of items in the assignment box. 

  1. 3. Toggle the enable and share” to share it with the client portal. 

After the session, update the session title and assignment instructions for post-session tasks.