Questions answered in this article:

  • How to add and edit a new contract?
  • How do I add a funder to the contract?
  • How do I add the services of my practice or clinic to the contract?
  • Can I remove a specific contract permanently?
  • Can I close or remove a contract without deleting them permanently?

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You can ONLY delete a contract or mark it as expired if there is nothing billed against them.

To add a new contract, click the Add new button in line with the label Contracts. In the form, you will be asked to input the title of the contract, as well as the status of that specific contract. 


You also have to provide the details of the funder details, contract details, as well as the included services customized for that specific contract.

Funder Details

  • Funder

You also have to specify the funder of that entitled contract. If the funder is not yet in the option, you may click the plus-sign circle button to add a new funder.

  • Client-Funder Unique ID

In order to identify the client-funder relationship in an accounting application, you may edit the Client-Funder Unique ID. Just click the edit button to edit the said contract field

Before you can edit the client-funder unique id, you will be asked to confirm the edit action because all financial records of the client with that specific funder will also be affected.

  • Funder Contact

To identify a specific contact for the selected funder, select a contact option in the Funder Contact field.

Contract Details

  • Contact Reference #

You may also input a reference number to easily identify the contract

  • Funds Granted and Funds Available

You will be required to provide the funds granted for that contract, and the funds available

  • Start and End Date of the Contract

The start and end date of the contract is also required to be filled out 

Included Services

To add an existing service to the contract, simply click the Add Existing button. In case the service that you want to add is not yet available or does not exist at all, click the Add New button to add a new service. Learn more about adding a new service, you can read Setting Up Services documentation

As you add an existing service, a set of fields will be automatically added to the Included Services area. The fields that you have to fill out are the Service Name, % coverage, custom fee, and travel fee


After filling out all the necessary fields in adding a contract, click the Save button.

After saving, the information about the contract will be shown to you

In case you want to edit some details, you may click the Edit button to go back to the previous form.



Once you are already satisfied with the contract details, just click the Confirm button to finally add the contract.


In case you want to remove a specific contract, the ellipses button in line with the contract that you want to be deleted, and choose Remove in the dropdown option.