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  • How do I add a service to a session event using the scheduler?


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  1. To add a service on a scheduled event, Go to the Scheduler page by clicking the Scheduler tab in the My Office menu from the top left corner.


  1. To create a session event, there are 2 ways:

  • Click an area in the scheduler that matches the date and time to create a session event

  • Click the New Event button seen on the top left of the scheduler’s page.

  1. To choose a service, click and select from the Service dropdown menu.

  1. Notice the Service dropdown list, a service can be billable or non-billable

Note: It depends on how a service is created, if a service is non-billable it is noted on the list. Read this article: Create a Non-billable service(or refer to the links above)


  1. Once you’ve selected the service, select your client(s), provider(s), and other necessary event details of the session. 


  1. To repeat a session event, click and select from the Repeat dropdown menu.


  1. To set up the notification of a session event, click and select the following dropdown menu for the following:

  1. Browser Reminders

  2. SMS Reminders

  3. Client Email Reminder


  1. To add a Third Party Contact on a session event, Select and choose from the Third Party Contact dropdown menu. 

  1. To save the scheduled session event, click the Save Check button at the top to save and close the session.