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  • How to troubleshoot the client portal setup?

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For security reasons, Therabyte functions best in Microsoft Edge. 

It is the recommended browser for modern development tools and top security features.

Enable notification and online access


I can’t find the button to enable the notifications and online access

  1. For a guardian these notifications are located in the people tab of the client chart. 
  2. For an adult client you can find these settings under edit in the client chart modal. 

My client has tried to reset their password from my practice website and they have not received an email with the reset link.

You are able to bypass this step by adding and/or changing their password in the practice settings. 

  1. Enter My office in the top left corner
  2. Choose Clinic Users.
  3. Choose your client and the password tab in the modal. 
  4. Enter the new password and confirm. 
  5. Update your client with their new password and have them proceed to log in.