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  • How do I add leaf goals directly to a client note from the notes tab?

  • Can I have an option to choose all specific leaves depending on their leaf status? (ex: Adding all in progress leaves or Adding all on hold leaves)

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  1. Go to the Notes Page by clicking the Notes Tab from the left navigation menu. 

  1. To add a leaf goal to a note, click the New button at the top of the page.

Note: Read this article to learn more about Creating a note in Notes Tab

  1. Initially, you will see that no goals have been selected. To enable the ability to select goals. First, click the Save button beside in the top right corner. 

  1. Notice the Select Leaves button appearing on the notes modal. Click on the Select Leaves button for the Tree selection modal to appear.

  1. On the Tree Selection Modal, choose and select a Tree to view all branches and leaves within a tree.


  1. To view leaves within a branch, click the Arrow button beside a branch of a tree.


  1. To choose and add leaves, click the Plus button on the right side of a leaf.


  1. To add leaves from multiple trees, click the Add More button located on the left corner of the modal.

Note: This allows you to go back from the list of trees and select leaves from another one. Repeat steps 5 - 8 until you are done selecting the goals for the client.

  1. To finish adding leaf goals on a note, click the Confirm button on the modal. 

               Note: The “number” beside the Confirm button, indicates the number of leaves/goals that you have selected to be added to the note. 

  1. Alternatively, select the dropdown from the Select All button to add leaves with specific leaf status.

            Note: This option is a premium smart trees feature, ask us about how you can access this and other features to improve your goal tracking experiences. To know more about the leaf status, read: Setting the leaf status - scheduler


  1. To remove leaves with a wrong leaf status type chosen, select the Clear All on the same dropdown menu again.




  1. To save all changes made on a note, click the Sign or Save button at the top to save and close a note.