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  • Can I set a default due date on my invoice?

  • Can I customize what information is showing on my invoice format?

  • Can I set a default payment method for my invoices?

  • How can I set a default custom message to all my invoices?

  • How do I enable the visibility of the contracts for my team?

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  1. Go to the Billing Tab by clicking the Settings tab in the Practice Setup menu from the top left corner. 

  1. To customize the Invoice formatting, Toggle YES for the following options:

  1. Show client date of birth

  2. Show client ID

  3. Show provider column in line item list - This shows the initials of the client that delivered that service.

  4. Always show comment box in invoices by default

Note: To view these invoice settings in action, create an invoice from the client chart modal invoice tab. 

  1. To create a Default Comment Message on any invoice, Type the Message in the comment box.

Note: By default, you have to Toggle YES the “Always show comment box in invoices by default” option to enable the message visibility in all succeeding invoices.

Here’s an example of an invoice where a “default comment message” is enabled in the Billing Tab.

  1. Alternatively, To disable a default comment message created, click the (-) Comment button below the invoice modal.

Note: This is applicable when you don’t need to inform a client to view the instructions or notes of the default comment box.

  1. To Enable Contract Visibility for all practitioners, Toggle Yes for the option on the billing tab.

Note: If enabled, all practitioners including those that have no Finance role will see the Finance tab from the client chart modal. Although, they will only view the contracts of the client (not the invoices).

  1. To save all changes made, click the Save button.

Advance Invoice Settings

  1. To choose an Invoice Due Type, there are two options: 

  2. Days from Invoice Date

  3. Due When (1st, 15th, or Last) day of the month

This also customizes the days or date of your invoice based on above option you’ve chosen:

  1. To set up your clinic’s default payment method, choose either: Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Email Transfer from the dropdown menu.

  1. To enable tax support on the invoice, Toggle YES on the billing tab.

Note: To know more, read this article: Enable tax for your clinic and Add tax on the invoice

  1. To customize the invoice numbering system you can select the prefix as well as change or restart the numbering
    Note: This is useful if you are converting from a different invoicing system. Changing these settings will only affect new invoices created

  1. To save all changes made, click the Save button.