To ensure the best compatibility with Therabyte, we kindly recommend using the latest version of a Chromium browser, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on Android or PC/Mac. If you are using iOS, Safari is the recommended browser. This will help provide you with the optimal experience while using Therabyte. 

Get started in your Therabyte account in 4 easy stepsFollowing along with this 10-minute video.  By the end of this video you will have:

  • Logged in

  • Created a client

  • Created a client event

  • Created a progress note

Here, you will find a video series that will guide you through the setup of the rest of your account.

Video tour of Therabyte's main features:

Getting Started for Clinic Owners and Solo Practitioners:

  1. Discover Therabyte features in a Quick tour 6 minute video

  2. Clinic Settings and Clinic Users - 3 minute video

  3. Adding and Waitlisting Clients with Ease -  4 minute video

  4. Learning the 3-Step Scheduler - 8 minute video

  5. Client Documentation - 10 minute video

  6. Invoicing Workflow - 7 minute video

  7. Services + Funders - 8 minute video

  8. Form Builder Intake + Consent - 16 minute video

  9. Client Portal Setup - 4 minute video

  10. TB meet - Video Features - 1 minute video

Getting Started for Employees or Contractors

  1. Adjusting Personal Profile - 3 min video

  2. Learning the 3-Step Scheduler - 8 minute video

  3. Client Documentation - 10 minute video

  4. Client Portal Set-Up - 4 minute video

  5. TB meet - Video Features - 1 minute video

Brief Overview of Therabyte's Main Features and links to Related Articles:

1. Landing Page

This is where you can find the online booking and self-intake features. Setting up your landing page allows you to offer online intake and online booking options for your clients. To learn more about setting up your landing page, kindly refer to these articles.

2. Clients and Waitlist

Therabyte allows you to manage your clients and waitlist easily, as well as access their information efficiently through the Clients page. 

By using the self-intake forms, you can allow your clients to add themselves and save yourself headaches and time. When a client completes the self-intake form, they will be added to the waitlist, and you will be able to view the results of that form.

To view the client details, click their name to deploy the client chart modal

In the client chart modal, you may navigate through the header tabs whether you want to check the client's clinical information (Clinical Info), view their primary and other necessary contacts (People), their service invoices (Finances), goal progress (Trees), and their chart notes (Files). 

3. Calendar Events and Session Notes

Therabyte offers a visual workflow of each event. Practitioners can easily identify the different types of events in the scheduler according to their placeholder color. The scheduler is designed to indicate the time frame of your session events and determine the current status or progress of a specific event by looking at the 3-bar progress bars which are displayed along the top of the event placeholder.

To learn more about the 3-step scheduler, click here. 

In the event editor, you will be able to set your event details (Event Stage) and input the plans that you have for that specific session (Plan). In the final stage, which is the outcome, you need to specify your attendance, provide session notes, and sign them to confirm the content of the session notes, thereby completing the event session. For more information, you can explore the process further by reading about Setting up 3-Step Scheduler.


With Therabyte, you can easily invoice specific finished sessions. You go directly to the client’s chart modal and view the Finance tab, here you will see a list of uninvoiced items to be added to a new invoice.

Once the invoice is created, it can be easily shared via email or the client portal to the client, and primary or third-party contacts. 

5. Secure Online Video Sessions

Therabyte has a video conferencing feature called TB Meet, which allows you to conduct your sessions online. In TB Meet, you can enable your camera so that the client can see you, while simultaneously sharing your screen with them. This allows you to show any necessary information or illustrations to your client while conducting a video session.

6. Privacy and Security Standards

At Therabyte, safeguarding your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional user experience while prioritizing the protection of your personal information. To ensure this, Therabyte operates on servers hosted in Canada, following the rigorous protocols established by PIPEDA and PHIPA security standards. Our US-based servers are also compliant with HIPAA regulations. Furthermore, we employ 256-bit data encryption to maintain the utmost confidentiality and security of all your personal and medical health information.

We appreciate your time and support. Let us know if this article was helpful!