Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I import the invoices created from Therabyte to Quickbooks?

  • Why do I need to mark invoices as paid in order to import them on Quickbooks?

  • Why should I match the columns in the raw data reports tab before clicking the Quickbook format button?

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Quickbooks is a popular accounting software used by small to medium-sized businesses. Therabyte makes exporting invoice records easy by formatting a CSV file as required by Quickbooks. 

We will cover 3 basic steps:

  • Marking invoices as paid within Therabyte: Selecting a client, and marking their invoices as paid. This allows us to keep invoices organized and avoid importing the same invoice twice.

  • Exporting our data from the Raw Data Reports page: This is where we check the invoices that are marked paid and select the Quickbooks format option.

  • Quickbooks import: We will then show you how easy it is to import the data, and how Therabyte automatically maps most of the fields for you.

To know more, please read this article for the step-by-step instruction.